SGA's Abigail Habegger, Speaker of the Senate, left, and faculty advisor Kimberly Springer , right, announcing the SGA election results on April 5, 2024.
Credit: Jack Barrett
Student Government Association Speaker of the Senate Abigail Habegger, left, and faculty adviser Kimberly Springer announce the Cleveland State University SGA election results, April 5, 2024.

SGA announces election results, discusses student issues

Cleveland State's Student Government Association announced the results of CSU's student elections at its regularly scheduled senate meeting on April 5.

Cleveland State’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced at its senate meeting on April 5 the results of elections to CSU's student representative body held April 4. 

SGA’s faculty adviser Kimberly Springer presented the election’s outcomes. She said that over 400 students voted in the election to the body which represents the interests of CSU students to faculty and the administration and oversees the disbursement of funds to student organizations. 

The candidates outlined their plans for the incoming SGA at a public forum held March 26. All of the candidates ran unopposed, except for the position of treasurer. 

SGA election results

President: Justin Samsa (68.2% of votes) 

Vice President: Anastasia Hunt (69.4% of votes) 

Secretary: Alysha Syed (75.6% of votes) 

Treasurer: Aderinola Adedeji (35.7% of votes) 

Honors College Senator: Jack Whitman (60.7% of votes) 

Levin College Senator: Faith-Ann English (62.7% of votes)

Residence Hall Senator: Lincoln Short (66.9% of votes) 

Student Organization Senators: Gavin Paulesc and Brett Phenicie

Undergraduate At-Large Senators: Abigail Habegger and T. Wyatt 

Dining hours, textbook costs and other issues

Justin Samsa, Director of Student Affairs, discussed working on a dining policy and a spreadsheet to track how many students cannot enter the dining hall in the Student Center because it closes before their last class ends. 

Anastasia Hunt, Director of Marketing and Technologies, discussed addressing the faculty senate and the Academic Steering Committee about a textbook accessibility survey. She also addressed Information Services and Technology (IS&T) installing new MacBooks. 

SGA appointed a new Director of Finance, Siddharth Singh. 

Abby Habegger, Speaker of the Senate, proposed Joseph Nappi, Senator of the Edge, as Senate Parliamentarian. The Senate voted and approved Nappi for the role. 

The SGA meets every two weeks. SGA's next meeting is on Friday, April 19, at 3:30 p.m. Students are welcome to attend and raise any concerns they have about anything related to CSU.