Recent News

  • The Stater interview - CSU's President Bloomberg

    In a wide-ranging interview with The Cleveland Stater, Dr. Bloomberg discussed the future of student housing at Cleveland State, criticism of the university's response to the Israel-Palestine conflict, CSU 2.0 and, among other topics, her Starbucks go-to.
  • "Best of" The Cleveland Stater, fall 2023 #2

    In the 2nd edition of the “best of” The Cleveland Stater for fall 2023, we feature an interview with CSU’s President Dr. Laura Bloomberg, the Nov. 8 faculty senate meeting, our most recent episode of the podcast, "Why I Love The Land," and more.
  • Commentary - What Jim Jordan did not know

    Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio lost three rounds of votes to become the new speaker of the House of Representatives before his colleagues dropped him from the ballot.
  • Musical puppets wow kids of all ages

    A short puppet show put on by the Cleveland State University Groundworks Dance Theater wowed kids of all ages at Playhouse Square in Cleveland on Oct. 13.

  • Why I Love The Land: Music

    On this episode of Why I Love The Land Karyssa, Kasey, Nicole and Jack talk about Cleveland's deep connection to music.