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Students organize pro-choice counter protest against CBR

“I think they’re frustrated with the fact that we are showing these pictures because the pictures show what abortion is and does,” Jacinta Robin, CBR’s media contact, said. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform compares abortion to genocide.

Investigative Journalist Mark Puente visits CSU

"That became known, 'if he comes to your door… you're screwed,'" said Mark Puente, investigative journalist, when speaking about himself and how he handles interviewing political officials.

Things To Do Around CSU this Week

On the last week of school at Cleveland State many events take place to prepare the students for finals week. You can attend De-Stress with City Dogs Cleveland, Mental Health Awareness Lunch, and Calm the Vike Down.

President Laura Bloomberg discusses the state of CSU

“For me, a highlight is trying to figure out what that would look like when we really live well together and when we really savor and appreciate our placement in the heart of urban Cleveland,” Bloomberg said.