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Railroad to recovery? The East Palestine disaster

“Who knows what the effects, the long term effects of this derailment are. Get a baseline of where your health is at, and then in 15 or 20 years, if we see these people have a little bit of turnover in their health, we can know,” said CSU student Jerald Brian, who has relatives in the area.

CSU hosts Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival

V.V. Sundaram, a founder of the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, explained the importance of having the classical music and dance festival in a climate like today, where contemporary music and softer tones are more popular.

It's time to fight like a girl

“Your only competition is yourself,” Mikayla Colston, coordinator of marketing and advertising at CSU’s Recreation Center and a Pink Gloves instructor, said. “It's all about allowing us to grow from where we were before.”

“Best of” The Cleveland Stater spring 2023 #2

The "best of" The Cleveland Stater #2 for spring 2023 features Women's History Month, more on CSU 2.0, CSU Police Department's therapy dog program, Letters of Hope, and Destiny Leo, anchor of CSU women's basketball's very successful 2022-23 season.