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Opinion - Safety last, ignorance first: the CSU motto?

Incoming Cleveland State freshmen are required to take an introduction to university life course in their first year at Cleveland State. In this course, students are taught how to reach out to their professors and are encouraged to interact among their peers. But, is it enough?

Commentary - What Jim Jordan did not know

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio lost three rounds of votes to become the new speaker of the House of Representatives before his colleagues dropped him from the ballot.

Is work from home here to stay?

A Pew Research study from January 2022 found that most U.S. workers wanted the option to continue working from home, even as COVID restrictions have been lifted.

Students talk Ohio gun laws and safety at CSU

It [a gun] would really only make me feel safer if I know that they are very, very well trained like to the point of going every single month or, you know, whatever,” one student said. “But I also think things such as security systems or things like that, I would say would make me feel safer first.”