textbooks and money
Credit: Karolina Grabowska | Pexels
Cleveland State's administration has been floating the idea of introducing textbook fees across campus.

SGA survey indicates many students don't want a set textbook fee

Cleveland State’s Student Government Association (SGA) has been surveying students about an administrative initiative to set a universal sliding book fee for students.

Most students surveyed by Cleveland State’s Student Government Association (SGA) rejected an administrative proposal to set textbook fees on a sliding scale across campus. The SGA discussed the survey's findings at its meeting March 22.

SGA President Kayland Morris said that after tallying the then-current number of votes, 568, the majority voted against a set book fee that would ensure all students had access to all their required books at the beginning of the semester.

The downside of the proposal was that it would remove a student’s ability to choose what books they want to purchase, and possibly increase their tuition.

Morris said that of the 568 who voted, around 70% of students said they find their books online for free. They indicated they spend on average about $131 dollars on books each semester, with the median cost being $90.

The survey gave those answering the option of choosing whether they would be willing to pay a fee ranging from $100-200 that would be added to their CampusNet account. 90% of those who voted against the proposal rejected the high end of the sliding fee, while 70% rejected the low end.

Morris advised students who want their voice to be heard about this issue to talk with administrators, answer surveys by either SGA or faculty members and share information with the student body.

In part because of pressure the SGA has put on the administration over the issue, CSU announced at its faculty senate meeting on April 3 that it was pausing the textbook initiative while further investigation was carried out.

SGA has scheduled a Senate meeting on Friday, April 19. Students can attend and voice any concerns they may have about this, or any other issue at CSU.