Jayla Salter
The faculty senate gathered to discuss the important topics for the 2023 school year for each committee and to further discuss the future of CSU.

CSU's board of trustees endorses new master plan

President Laura Boomberg said the endorsement did not mean everything on the plan was a "go," only that the board approved the direction it was taking the university, adding that the $650 million price tag could go "up or down."

CSU President Laura Bloomberg told the Cleveland State faculty senate at its Feb. 2 meeting that the board of trustees on Jan. 31 had endorsed the university's new campus master plan.

“That does not mean everything on the master plan is a go," Bloomberg said. "It means that in concept they approve of the direction of this ten year plan.” She added that the "$650 million dollar price tag that people throw around" was because the media wanted a number and that it "could change at any time, up or down.”

Senior Vice President for Business Affairs & CFO David Jewell were not at the meeting, due to illness. But Bloomberg said the plan was CSU’s aspirational vision which the administration was eager to present to the community. 

Bloomberg also spoke about the importance of February as Black History Month, and recognized faculty and staff at CSU contributing to the conversation around race. 

Lastly, she touched on the Rhodes Tower issue with the elevator and how the issue “must” be handled. 

Faculty senate president Anup Kumar Ph.D. also addressed the elevator issue, with students and faculty arriving late to classes or meetings due to the 15 minutes it takes to get on the elevator. 

“This is a pressing issue, so something needs to be done about it,” said Kumar.

The meeting heard reports from various committees that report to the senate. Kumar noted that there was some confusion among some committee members about what work each committee needs to be doing.

One amendment was made to the Technology Committee, making the writing more clear and times and dates within the change that they wanted to be made.

CSU Vice Provost and Dean Sajit Zachariah updated the faculty senate on initiatives to increase enrollment, including CSU Online, Keypath and Collegis using a presentation powerpoint.

There were no questions and no new business.