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"Best of" The Cleveland Stater, fall 2023 #3.

"Best of" The Cleveland Stater fall 2023 #3

In the final edition of the “best of” The Cleveland Stater for fall 2023, we feature stories on the rent increase at The Edge, the pro-Palestine protests during the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s “All In” leadership forum, and more.

In the final edition of the fall 2023 “best of” The Cleveland Stater, we look into the recent spike of rent prices at The Edge following CSU’s acquisition of the property. We covered the pro-Palestine protests during the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s “All In” leadership forum on Nov. 20.

Our podcast series, “Why I Love The Land” continued with its second sports focused episode. To continue the conversation of sports, one of our reporters toyed with Google’s Bard Artificial Intelligence (AI) and asked it for some hot sports takes in an attempt to understand AI and its drawbacks. And we feature a CSU student who began their journey in the world of drag performing.

A look at the outside of The Edge, one of CSU's off campus housing options.

Cleveland State students wanting to live on-campus were promised more options in the university revamp known as CSU 2.0. As part of that plan, the university bought The Edge and The Langton apartments. However, the plan has not worked out as planned for some students, including an up-front demand for a full semester's rent at the start of fall 2023.

The purchase of The Edge and The Langston was a win for CSU’s Master Plan of expansion. But this decision has left students who were paying less per month before the buyout to choose between two options; accept the increased flat rate and required meal plans, or, scour the internet for off-campus housing that is affordable and safe. 

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Cleveland mayor Justin Bibb talks at the All-In forum, Nov. 20.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) hosted its “All In” leadership forum at the KeyBank State Theater on Monday, Nov. 20. Attendees of the event did, in fact, witness “advocacy in action,” as the event faced multiple interruptions by pro-Palestine protesters, angry at the city's action or lack of action concerning the ongoing war in Israel-Palestine, given Cleveland's large Palestinian, Arab and Jewish populations.

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A graphic showcasing a new episode of the podcast, "Why I Love The Land: Sports" with a microphone.

On the second episode of Why I Love the Land: Sports, Jack, Taylor and Ryan discuss the upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers season as well as the start of CSU’s basketball season, for both the men’s and women’s teams. The group goes on to discuss the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament and all of the new aspects the competition brings to the league. From there, they delve into all of the ups and downs of the Browns.

Listen to the the full podcast: “Why I Love The Land: Sports” - Episode 2


An AI generated image of a robot wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming and in an attempt to understand its applications or drawbacks, the Cleveland Stater asked Google’s Bard AI to give us some hot sport takes. Bard shared its thoughts on the Browns, the Cavaliers and even the recent romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

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Drag queens line up across the stage following their performance at Coda on Sept. 19.

The dimly lit streets of Tremont, Ohio commonly see couples gathering for a drink and shops cleaning up for the night. On some nights, down a set of stairs on Professor Ave., local drag performers prepare for a flashy show. 

Cleveland State University student She-Opatra began their makeup journey around five hours before their drag debut at Coda in Tremont on Sept. 19. However, their drag journey itself began decades beforehand.

Although She-Opatra has been involved in campus drag shows, their performance in the Casting Call event at Coda was their official Cleveland drag debut. After years of imagining themselves on a public stage, they decided September would be their time to shine.

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