The week will conclude with the Glow Party, a yearly event thrown by CSU's Campus Activities Board. (Credit: ERIC SEITZ)
Credit: Eric Seitz
The week will conclude with the Glow Party, a yearly event thrown by CSU's Campus Activities Board.

CSU shows student appreciation

Cleveland State’s Center of Engagement is hosting the first inaugural Student Appreciation Week to connect students with their campus. This week will promote student engagement as well as well-being.
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Cleveland State’s Inaugural Student Appreciation Week began Feb. 27 to help students feel welcome and connected to campus.

Student Appreciation Week is filled with activities to engage students with their peers, staff and faculty, and the university around them. It  helps highlight departments and organizations that some students may have not interacted with previously.

CSU’s CEnter for Campus Engagement is the driving force behind this event, with Assistant Director Samantha Broaddus and her graduate assistant, Abigail Iler, proposing the idea.

“I wanted students to be able to take a study break, enjoy programming and feel appreciated,” Broaddus said. “We know how hard our students work to balance everything in their lives and we would not be here without them.”

Throughout this week, students can find Rune, one of CSU’s therapy dogs, in the Student Center, or explore the many games and activities on the first floor of the Rhodes Tower. Other days in the week have special events, such as Mugs and Meditation on Wednesday or Dean’s Snack Break on Friday.

“Initiatives like this allow students to learn about different resources on campus and how we can assist them all year,” Broaddus said. “We want students to feel more connected to their campus home.”

In addition to these events allowing students a much-needed break, they also serve as promotion for faculty and organizations. It is important for these resources to boost their awareness across campus in order to help provide resources to more students.

“I hope this will continue to motivate staff and faculty to create new programming and initiatives to show their appreciation to our students and to build connection and engagement,” said Broaddus.

This week-long event will conclude with CSU’s Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) annual Glow Party on Friday. The theme this year is the Year 3000, inspired by the Jonas Brothers’ song of the same title. If you intend on going, attendees must fill out a waiver prior to the event, available here.

For alumni, the week concludes with a Dinner and a Show, where alumni are invited to enjoy a meal before going to see Skin of Our Teeth, a production put on by CSU’s Theatre and Dance Department.

For more on the exact events throughout the week, visit the Student Appreciation Week schedule available here.