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Staying positive in quarantine….


(Editor’s Note: This article was written for Leo’s Jeffres’ Specialized Writing class.)

Coronavirus has put an end to most people’s routines not only in America, but the world at large, and with that, people may struggle to keep a positive frame of mind while being subject to social distancing and quarantine.

It‘s hard to be happy when every day feels like Groundhog Day and there’s no end to this pandemic in sight. Here are some ideas that may be helpful to students who feel they could use a boost of energy and positivity as they weather the storm:

Try and wake up early every morning, at least before 10 a.m.

It is easy to sleep in every day and watch the world go by as you count down the hours until you can go to bed again. By waking up early, you can stave off the anxiety and depression that may arise from spending long periods of time in bed, and you may find that being productive can make you happy!

As a Cleveland State student, it is important to set a routine where you can wake up early and perhaps study/read for your classes, getting a head start for the day ahead so you can feel as if you have been productive at day’s end.

Put your phone/technology away and try to read a book

With this time away from work and school, it‘s wise to “unplug” from technology and do something as simple as finding a new book and reading.

There’s something great about picking up a physical copy of a book and enjoying it rather than using a screen to read a novel or a magazine. Pick up a great book from Amazon or another online book seller and enjoy throughout the day!

Get the Zoom app to talk to family and friends

Zoom is a video conferencing app that is vital for many educational institutions as they have switched from face-to-face classes to remote learning, but Zoom can also be used for personal uses. It can be hard getting used to being alone and separated from friends and family, but Zoom is a user friendly app that can bring you closer to your loved ones and put you in a positive frame of mind that will help you get through the day.

Similar to Zoom, there are other ways for Cleveland State students to engage in video chats, such as using Facebook or Skype. It can be a good idea to chat with classmates to check on how they are coping with the pandemic or even old friends from high school.

Find a new hobby

This period of social distancing can lead one to discover a new lifelong love! From finally having the time to learn a new musical instrument to even practicing magic, there are plenty of new activities that one can learn and do to occupy the mind and make days more enjoyable. With practice and commitment to these new hobbies, one may even find financial compensation for their talents can be possible after Covid-19 ends. Since Cleveland State students are barred from going to campus, there are plenty of avenues to strengthen brain power and focus if they are so inclined.

Take a walk/jog around the neighborhood

It is important to go outside and breathe in fresh air, as well as exercise. The endorphins one can gain from exercising can be vital toward having a positive frame of mind and make a person feel better. It is also worth mentioning the adventures one can have while exploring previously unknown areas of the neighborhood. Exercise during this time of isolation is key toward finding and maintaining happiness during the Coronavirus pandemic.

For Cleveland State students, if you happen to live in the Cleveland Heights area, there are wonderful places around the Cedar/Fairmount area to walk around; most of the houses in the area are wondrous buildings to marvel at if you seek the opportunity.

Also the area around Case Western Reserve University has plenty of opportunities for pictures to be taken with your iPhone or whatever smart phone you possess. The Cleveland Museum of Art and the lagoon that surrounds it would be a nice place to start. 

And those living near Edgewater Park can enjoy the lake breeze, while those close to the Metroparks can take advantage of the many trails, east, west or south.