Election results as of Nov. 20
Credit: The Washington Post
Election results as of Nov. 20

What students thought about the 2020 election

CSU students talk about whom they voted for as U.S. president and why.

Joe Biden is projected to become the 46th President of the United States after his victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Students across CSU — by no means a definitive sample — had this to say about their vote.

  • "I believe that Joe Biden holds the same core beliefs and morals that I do,” CSU grad student Cheyene Horner said. “We need a leader who stands up for minority communities instead of actively harming them.” 
  • “I voted for Trump this election because I grew up in a household that focuses on the beliefs Trump demonstrates,” a 19-year-old CSU student said. 
  • “I voted for Trump because I think he did a great job during his first term and he will continue to improve our country,” A 22-year-old female CSU student said. 
  • “I try not to let my parent’s beliefs define my own, so this election I went out and voted for Biden,” a 21-year-old student said. “I wasn’t able to vote during the last election because I wasn’t yet 18, but since then I've done plenty of research to become educated enough on politics to vote and I agree more with Biden’s policies than I do Trump.”
  • “I voted for Joe Biden in this election solely on the fact that I will feel safer in a country without Donald Trump in office,” CSU student Tia Gargala said. “As a minority, a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a woman, I already face enough division and racism from others.”

    “We now know that it is time for a change with the leader of our nation.” Gargala said.

The AP has projected that Joe Biden has 306 Electoral College votes and Trump 232. The 538 delegates to the college which will formally elect the president meet and vote on Dec. 14.