COVID-19 template update
Credit: Jenny Fraley
Nov. 18, 2020 COVID-19 data posted by Cleveland State University.

COVID-19: CSU dashboard latest numbers

The dashboard is updated every Wednesday.

Cleveland State University has seen an increase in cases of students and faculty isolation and quarantine since October 28, 2020.

Since the data from October 28, 2020, students in quarantine off-campus have gone from 45 to 125. The number of students in quarantine on-campus has also gone up, from 1 to 33.

The rising number of students and faculty isolating and quarantining comes in tangent with the announcement that CSU classes will go fully remote after Thanksgiving break. CSU’s campus and residence halls will remain open after Thanksgiving break. Students who return to residence halls after the break will have to comply with CSU’s reentry protocols. The university will also be offering limited COVID-19 testing before the break for students planning to return home.

“At CSU, we will always place faculty, student, and staff health and well-being first” CSU Provost Jianping Zhu said. “In the coming days, I will be working with our deans and faculty to ensure each student completes their courses, clinical and research experiences and labs as planned.”

The COVID-19 dashboard will update next on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

CSU COVID-19 Dashboard update Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020:

  • 7 students isolating on-campus
  • 36 students isolating off-campus
  • 5 employee isolating off-campus
  • 33 student in quarantine on-campus
  • 125 students in quarantine off-campus
  • 22 employees in quarantine off-campus 

CSU COVID-19 Dashboard update Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020:

  • 0 students isolating on-campus
  • 5 students isolating off-campus
  • 1 employee isolating off-campus
  • 1 student in quarantine on-campus
  • 45 students in quarantine off-campus
  • 9 employees in quarantine off-campus 

The CSU COVID-19 dashboard

Cleveland State University unveiled a COVID-19 dashboard on its website earlier this month. The dashboard is updated every Wednesday to deliver the latest information on coronavirus cases to the community.

Individuals in isolation have tested positive for COVID-19 and must remain in isolation for 10 days. This is conditional on their last 24 hours in isolation being fever free with symptoms improving. Quarantine is for those who have come to campus from any foreign countries or hotspots, or who have been in close contact with a coronavirus case in the last two weeks.