Stressed student buried behind textbooks.
Credit: Pixabay from Pexels
Students overloaded with assignments and still trying to maneuver through life.

How are CSU students managing on-campus classes and life

CSU students learning to balance in-person classes with life events again for the fall semester.

For the past year and a half many CSU students were confined inside their homes, completing classes online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now that students have returned to campus for the fall 2021 semester, many are struggling with adjusting to being on campus five days a week again.

For many sophomore students it is their first time on campus as their freshman year was completed primarily online. Fall 2021 has been especially challenging.

“Being back on campus feels weird,” Jennifer Kiss, a sophomore at CSU, said. “Online schooling became the norm for me and everyone else, so it's definitely a change.”

Kiss was a senior in high school when the pandemic began so she has become acclimated to online learning for the past few years. 

Not only do students have to worry about adjusting back to in-person classes but there is also the reality that the pandemic is far from over. 

“I really didn’t like being at home because it was hard to focus,” India Henderson, another sophomore at CSU, said. “I’m still worried as far as COVID and the numbers rising, and the lack of enforcement of policy from teachers on students.” 

Mentally many students had to endure a change to not only their schedules but their minds as well, and can also suffer from mental illness aside from the mental stress of school.

School has taken a big toll on my mental health,” Kiss said. “I struggle with depression and anxiety and it feels as if school has heightened that for me. Especially since I'm on campus five days a week and work, I feel like I don't have time for myself.”

On top of being back on campus and dealing with the pressure of school, many students also have jobs.

“Mentally it’s very draining,” Henderson said. “There is still so much to be vigilant of as far as COVID and still wanting to attend class as much as possible. It’s also keeping up with class homework and study time while being an entrepreneur.”

It also may be difficult for students to navigate the halls of CSU because they have not been on campus frequently the past few years. 

“I have no idea where basically anything is, which sucked on the first few days of school,” Kiss said. “Now I'm getting more used to the campus, but still if I had freshman orientation in person, finding my way around campus would be much easier.” 

Campus is operating at full capacity with staff and students, many adjustments are being made on behalf of all. Stressors are high as midterm week approaches here at CSU: Keep pushing Vikes.