Wine and yoga mats were the theme of the virtual event

Rec Center pairs with local wine bar to provide virtual event

Lakewood wine bar Flight Cleveland helped the Rec Center deliver a successful event for students.

The semester is coming to a close, the weather outside is getting colder and the year of COVID has started to really wear down everybody involved. The Cleveland State Rec Center has been doing their part all semester long to give students ample amounts of opportunities to de-stress and stay physically fit with safe and easy virtual programs. The Rec Center hit the mark again with another great virtual program.

The Rec Center paired with Flight Cleveland, a wine bar on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, to put on an event for the older CSU students that included a yoga session, followed by a wine tasting event. Both events were done virtually. 

Lindsey Smith, Flight Cleveland owner, was very excited to be able to do this event with Cleveland State.

“This was our first time pairing with the school. I was excited they reached out to me, it is definitely a different dynamic with a college,” Smith said. “From the business side, we can attract new customers to our bar and events. From the human side, this year is stressful for everyone and I could only imagine being in college so I was happy to help.”

The event was nothing new to Smith, which is the primary reason for how smoothly it went.

“We have actually been doing virtual events with our customers since April, so I was ready for this,” Smith said. “It is what helped make this event go so smoothly, plus the great interactions with the participants.”

This event was done very well, giving participants a 45-minute yoga session followed by the wine tasting event. Wine was provided by Flight Cleveland through pre-order. Participants were able to have a relaxing yoga session and followed it with an even more relaxing and social wine tasting event. 

CSU senior Devyn Farley participated in her first event with the Rec Center and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went.

“Yoga was fun, I haven’t really tried that before. The wine is why I wanted to do the event and that was great. I can’t wait to look for more of these events.” Farley raved about the event.

Cleveland State’s Rec Center once again hit a home run on an event. Be sure to stay tuned to upcoming events. You can check out Lindsey Smith’s Flight Cleveland wine bar at