BetterYou logo with students
Credit: Mary Dudzik

Student Wellness promotes BetterYou app to help students create healthier habits

Cleveland State Student Wellness Coordinator Denise Keary explained how the BetterYou app can help CSU students improve their everyday life in a simple way.

Cleveland State University has partnered with a company called BetterYou to give students access to a digital wellness coach and the chance to improve their day-to-day life.

BetterYou is an app that uses visual progress logs and rewards to help students track their specific goals in four areas of health: physical, social, education and mindfulness. 

According to the St Paul, Minnesota-based company’s LinkedIn, “BetterYou is the only Healthy Habits Companion that makes it easy to take control of your time, achieve your goals, and improve your life. Unlike other habit-forming and wellness goal tracking apps that require manual entry, BetterYou monitors and logs progress automatically for users and integrates with over 10,000 popular health and wellness apps.” 

Denise Keary, wellness coordinator for CSU, explained that students who are using the app are benefiting from it. 

For example, those working on sleep goals increase sleep by an hour per night; those using it for physical activity goals increase steps by 2200 per day, those using it for "connections" increase meaningful connection time by 22 minutes a day,” Keary said. 

BetterYou tracks students progress in the background while they work towards their goals, but will send notifications if it notices a backtrack. 

In regards to other, similar apps, Keary believes BetterYou is the most usable for college students who want to work on their physical and mental health for free.

“There are many other apps that students may choose to use based on their individual interests and needs, but the BetterYou app is specifically geared towards college students and is free for CSU students as long as they use their CSU email to register,” Keary said. 

Although the app is easy to use, student wellness advocates will be participating in weekly tabling events in the student center to show students how to use it as well as give out free t-shirts to downloaders. Once students download BetterYou and register, they are able to choose a $5 gift card to various vendors as well.

Not only are the student wellness advocates hoping to help you, they are looking for others to join them. To view their Peer Education program and other upcoming events put on by them  you can find them on Instagram @studentwellnesscsu or by going to their website.