Greek Week 2023 banner
Credit: Kasey Sheridan
Cleveland State University’s Greek Week 2023, its first in-person since COVID, culminated on Friday, April 21, in The Woodling Gym with a day full of relay events, photos and other group activities.

Order of Omega hosts 1st in-person Greek Week at CSU since pandemic

“I’ve never seen so much Greek Unity, because of COVID,” said Brenna Hall, president of Order of Omega, the organization who organized the week.

After an all virtual Greek Week in 2021 and a break in 2022, Cleveland State University students were able to take part in on-campus Greek Week festivities the third week of April this year.

This year’s Greek Week marked the first in-person celebration at CSU since the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to go virtual.

Students celebrated Greek unity with events starting on Monday, April 17, and ending on Friday, April 21.

The week consisted of an Instagram “battle” that ran from Monday to Thursday, in which fraternities and sororities were encouraged to gain the most likes and comments on their group’s pictures posted on CSU Order of Omega’s Instagram.

Other festivities during the week included a food drive for Lift Up Vikes! that was held in the Student Center Innerlink. Order of Omega hosted an Instagram “bingo battle” to benefit each participating organization’s charity of choice throughout the week, and a pop can tab drive was held in the Student Center InnerLink benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. The week ended with a day full of relay races and other group activities on Friday in the Woodling Gym.

The events were planned by CSU’s Order of Omega chapter, an undergraduate honors fraternity. Brenna Hall, the president of CSU’s Order of Omega chapter, says she’s never seen such a display of Greek Unity.

“Honestly, I loved this week. I’ve never seen so much Greek unity, because of COVID,” Hall, 21, a junior film major, said. “I had help from the other members of Order of Omega, and we just kind of guessed and hoped for the best.” 

Participating organizations were Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Phi Alpha, Sigma Tau Gamma, Zeta Phi Beta, Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Rho and Delta Zeta.

Two sorority sisters stacking cups during Greek Week relay

Maddy Schreiner, 19, left, and Andrea Brazis, 20, members of Delta Zeta, compete in the cup stacking relay race on the last day of Greek Week. (Credit: Kasey Sheridan) 

Andrea Brazis, a senior member of CSU’s Delta Zeta chapter, took part in multiple relay events during the final day. 

“My favorite part of Greek Week was definitely the relays,” Brazis, 20, a senior journalism major, said. “I really enjoyed getting to hang out with all the Greek organizations and cheering everyone on! It was a really great bonding experience for the Greek community and gave us a great opportunity to come together.”

Looking forward, Hall hopes Order of Omega will host another Greek Week next year.

“We’re hoping to do this again next year with some new rules in place,” Hall said. “You gotta start somewhere.”