Cleveland State's faculty senate hosted it's first meeting for spring 2024 on Jan. 31.
Credit: DeAndre Patrick
The CSU community raised over $861K on Giving Day, Feb. 29, 2024.

CSU raises over $861K on Giving Day

The annual event calls on the Cleveland State community to give back to the university to help fund programs and athletics.

Cleveland State University on Thursday raised $861,066 from 3,673 gifts on Giving Day, money that will bolster university programs and athletics.

Giving Day is an annual event that rallies students, alumni, and faculty to contribute to the university's welfare. Funds generated from the event are put towards supporting various programs, colleges, research endeavors, athletic pursuits, and emergency scholarships.

“Whether it’s a small program or department, a club, or an emergency scholarship, we want to make sure that students have access to the best resources on campus,” said Olivia Rohde, Assistant Director of Annual Giving. "Giving Day is a surefire way to ensure everyone on campus is supported."

The Annual Giving Team at CSU organizes the event which exemplifies the university community's commitment to ensuring comprehensive support for all facets of campus life. The event is usually held on Feb. 16 (216 - the first three digits of CSU's phone numbers). But this year, organizers set Giving Day for Feb. 29, a once in four years leap day, with the theme "Leap into Action for CSU Students."

"Every area of campus, regardless of the size, deserves the resources they need to succeed," Rohde said, explaining how contributions from Giving Day can be used to offset expenses not covered by student tuition and fees.

"With the help of our committed Viking Family we are able to ensure that funding is available to every area of the campus," Rohde said, noting that Lift Up Vikes is one beneficiary of Giving Day.

Although Giving Day 2024 is over, you can still donate on the Giving Day gift portal.

"We always want students to realize how important philanthropy is to their education, and that every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact," Rohde said.

The CSU community will show its gratitude to donors during the Thank A Donor event on March 4,  in the Student Center Atrium from 4-6 p.m.