CSU choir makes changes to keep in-person classes active

The CSU choir kept in-person classes for practice and lessons throughout the fall 2020 semester in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

All students were instructed to leave masks on at all times especially since singing spreads the disease more than normal talking. For the same reason students were also spread out more than six feet.

The choir practised in the Wolstein Center, Draco Hall and back rooms since the usual rehearsal space was not set up to work with social distancing rules.

Brian Bailey has been a vocal instructor at CSU for 12 years and is currently the director of choirs for the school of music. He received a doctorate in musical arts from the University of Iowa where he conducted several programs.

Bailey explained the choir section has undergone lots of changes and it seems that none are for the better. 

“This is definitely not anything that I want to stick with,” Bailey said. “I think the students will say the same thing that they want to be able to normally sing again.”

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