My idea of luxury isn’t expensive.
Credit: Taryn Elliott | Pexels
My idea of luxury isn’t expensive.

Redefining the idea of 'luxury'

Luxury can be whatever you want it to be.

There are so many definitions of luxury, but to judge by social media, there’s only one type of luxury -- something that only money, and a lot of it, can buy.

I would like to think that luxury isn’t just buying the most expensive things. Luxury is whatever you want it to be.

I’ve seen a lot of talk in regards to this topic and I think some points were not touched on. The idea of luxury as costly is, to me, skewed. 

In my opinion, a luxury is, quite simply, anything that is not a necessity. If you have something that is not a necessity in your life then that is a luxury. For example, having a glass of wine is a luxury, not because it may be the most expensive or it's crafted from the finest ingredients, but because you don't need it. It just something extra that gives you pleasure.

Some people have to go to work, so they go to sleep at a certain time, so they can be up and ready to tackle the day.

Luxury for a person who has to go to work can be as simple as lying in bed all day and binge watching a series or two on a day off.

Luxury is doing things that you don’t always get to do, and anything you do can be a luxury experience. Taking a hot bath with a bath bomb or going on a staycation can be a luxury. 

The narrative that ties luxury to money is absurd. I enjoy reading after I’m done with my daily tasks. That is a luxury that I can afford.

I think many more of us want to live this kind of a luxurious lifestyle, and in many cases we already are. 

Perspective is everything and how you decide to look at your “luxury” is up to you. You don’t have to drive the fanciest car, have the most expensive clothing, or eat in the trending restaurants to live a life of luxury.

Don’t allow social media to make you believe that “luxury” is only the lavish vehicles, houses and expensive things. Don't let social media dictate to you your luxury.

We have to find our own definition of luxury and go by that. Everyone lives different lifestyles, and being able to distinguish the difference between “perception” vs “reality” is important.