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Thoughts gone wild.

OPINION: This is me making the best of ADHD

What comes with ADHD and how I manage.

It’s no secret that juggling school and everyday life can be hard, but try doing that while having ADHD. 

Having ADHD is no walk in the park. ADHD is short for Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. I’ve had ADHD since I was a child, which turned into adult ADHD.

My days are a little different from most. I have good days and then I have bad days. On the good days, I’m focused on the things I have to get done. On the bad days, I’m all over the place mentally. I have to-do lists that I create and I’ll start one task and jump to the next one without completing the first task.

It’s so easy for me to get distracted when I have things to do, so I like to get rid of all distractions when I have to do homework assignments, study, clean, or cook. Sometimes getting rid of distractions doesn’t help me at all. ADHD robs me of my time, energy, money and everything. It’s no fun because a task that will take someone five minutes to do, takes me hours to complete. It’s hard to stay focused on one thing at a time. I find myself waiting until I absolutely have to finish something to actually start doing the work.

There are days where I just lay in bed and journal ways for me to get up and tackle any goals I have set for that particular day. For instance, I would start journaling and or making a to-do-list that consists of working out, homework, cleaning, cooking, reading, and meditating. Creating a list helps me get things done some times and if I see the list I am then able to hold myself accountable.

Doctors like to turn to medication as a solution for ADHD. But I decided long ago, that was not an option for me. I can completely function without medication, however, the struggle for me is staying focused and seeing a task through to the end. I have to be my own cheerleader and remind myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. I like to set reminders on my phone with positive affirmations. 

Graduating college is something I look forward to doing. So with that in mind, I have to work towards it. It may take me a little longer than others, but I know I can do it. ADHD is no walk in the park but I know I can not allow that to keep me from succeeding in life. I have to press forward and make the best of it.

Anyone else out there struggling with ADHD, just know you can do anything you put your mind to. Things may take longer to complete, but don’t focus on that, focus on getting it done. 

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