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How I survive juggling work, college and motherhood

Tips on how to survive college, being a mother, and work.

It’s a Monday morning and I am getting off work from an eight-hour night shift at the casino. I finally make it home to try and rest but then I realize my three-year-old son has to log on for virtual preschool. For those who have toddlers you know how hard it is to wake them up in the morning.

Once he is up and logged in for school, I think to myself maybe I can get a nap while he is in school. Nope. I forgot I have to log on to zoom for class because I am also in college. All this time I have not gotten any rest from working the night before. 

I am a mother, a college student and I work as well. In other words, I'm just like you.

I know that sounds like a lot, but when you’re a mother you do whatever it takes to succeed and be the best mom you can be. It is not an easy task but with the help of family and friends and other things I learned how to manage to get through it all. 

Here are some tips that help me juggle motherhood, college, and work. I hope these tips can help other hardworking moms as well.

  • Time management - All college classes have a syllabus, so use it to your advantage. If I see assignments coming up that I know how to do I plan ahead. I plan time to do those assignments. I normally plan around the time my toddler is in school and I am well rested and not in class. 
  • Organization - Being organized is very important especially when you’re a mom. I keep a planner app on my phone and not an actual planner because toddlers love to play with other things besides their toys. Normally on Sundays I put everything in my planner for that week and my phone reminds me so I don’t have to think about it while I'm chasing my toddler around. 
  • Me time - It is so important to make time for yourself no matter what. I normally take time for myself one day out of the week. It’s normally on a day when I don’t have an assignment due, my toddler is in school, and I have a day off work. During this time, I just relax, catch up on shows and put my phone on "do not disturb." 
  • Eat healthy - I used to just eat all types of food and junk that was fast and convenient to get because I was always doing something from helping my toddler with something or in class. I learned that’s not always good. Once I started eating healthier, I realized I had more energy to run with my toddler, get work done and not feel so tired at work. 
  • Keep a routine - I try to keep the same routine every day and don’t switch it up unless it's necessary. Keeping the same routine also makes it easy for my toddler and keeps him happy because he already knows what is going on. 
  • Toddler time - Toddlers love to play and run around all day. My toddler loves to play with blocks and his superhero toys. For at least two hours normally after dinner we play nonstop and do whatever he wants to do. He gets so tired he is ready for bed. It is very important to make time every day to engage with our kids no matter if it’s playing or watching a movie.

I hope these tips help other moms who are hardworking just like me. Us mom’s have to stick together so we to can be successful and a good parent at the same time.