Cleveland State University poster at the Wolstein Center.
Credit: Krista Fortson-Smith
In this poster at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center, the CSU Viking encourages you to get the COVID-19 shot. The CSU tower is reflected in the glass to the left.

The sisters Fortson and Fortson-Smith get their 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine

The Fortson sisters want everyone to remember to mask up, social distance, and get the shot.

In this, the second part of a two-part series, the Stater returns to the Fortson sisters, who recently got their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The story continues.

Kim Fortson and Krista Fortson-Smith on April 10 headed back to Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center to get their second dose of the Pfizer vaccination.

“I was nervous about getting the second vaccine, due to the numbing side effects with the first vaccine,’” Kim Fortson said.

Krista Fortson-Smith was happy to receive the second shot. 

“I was not as anxious as before but glad to get it over with,” Fortson-Smith said. 

They both were happy to see that the experience was just as smooth and easy as before. This gave them more relief to know the way it would go. 

Their second dose went great overall, but they did experience some small symptoms. Both the sisters said this time they could feel the medicine going in their arms. 

“I had no reactions besides my arm being sore right away,” Fortson said.

“I felt it more this time. Felt the medicine go in and down my arm,” Fortson-Smith said. 

Mild symptoms started about two hours after the shot, which included a headache for Fortson, a sore arm and fatigue for both sisters. Their sore arm and fatigue lasted for two days after the shot.

Now that they're vaccinated, the sisters are hoping life will get a little better. They've been socially distancing and wearing masks for what they said seems like forever. They said they're happy to be vaccinated and are excited for what the future will bring. This has been a long year for the both of them. They are hopeful for the future.

“I am ecstatic to be fully vaccinated," Fortson said. "This will give me the ability to begin to have some normalcy while still practicing safe practices."

“I am less nervous about getting COVID-19 and if I do get COVID-19 it won’t be as severe," Fortson-Smith said. "I will still wear a mask in certain environments especially in large crowds."

The sisters are ready for this next chapter in the pandemic and life. They're hoping for more of a normal than a new normal. And they want everyone to remember to mask up, socially distance, and get the shot.