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The "best of" The Cleveland Stater fall 2021 #2

In this edition of the "best of" The Cleveland Stater, we are covering recent COVID-19 news, CSU’s resident magician, fans return to athletic events and from Opinion, driving while Black.

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  1. Opinion: Driving while Black and racial profiling on the roads of America - ANDREA STRONG

    Strong shares the story of an encounter she and her husband had with a police officer. She sheds light on an experience many Black people in America know all too well: Driving while Black. While her encounter ended without a ticket, it reminded her of the story of many others, including those who've lost their lives at the hands of an officer during what seemed to be a routine stop.
  2. Cleveland State to invite fans back to athletic event -- JADEN STAMBOLIA

    After playing the 2020-21 season with cardboard cutouts in the stands in place of fans, CSU is looking to fill seats once again. Due to COVID-19, fans were prohibited from attending in-person athletic events, but now tickets are selling for the 2021-22 season.

  3. Meet Elie Magic, student and professional magician -- SHEILA KISS

    CSU students tend to juggle a lot when it comes to work and school, and Elie Haoui, also known as Elie Magic, is no exception. The 21-year-old student at Cleveland State has been touring the world as a magician and entertainer since he was a sophomore in high school. Haoui has his own clothing brand and has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

  4. Cleveland State University loses its COVID czar -- ANNA MELINYSHYN

    Dr. Forrest Faison has resigned as Vice President for Research, Innovation and Health Care Strategy and will leave his position in October after 18 months at CSU. Faison played a significant role in the university’s Pandemic Response efforts.

  5. Get the shot, get paid -- COURTNEY BYRNES

    The administration on Oct. 1 announced two incentives to get students and staff vaccinated. Those who get the shot at CSU’s Health & Wellness Services from Oct. 5-26 will receive $100 in VISA gift cards, divided into two payments of $50 at the time of each shot. Those already vaccinated can enter into a weekly $2,500 raffle every Friday in October.

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