May 6, 2019

BSU planning 'Graduation Weekend in Color'

By Trinity Owens

As Cleveland State University’s Black Student wraps up this school year and prepares for the next, BSU President Ashley Davis, BSU Treasurer Stanley Wagner, and Jibreel Gould from the LINK Student Association (LSA) discussed plans for the “Graduation Weekend in Color” events, which will take place May 10 and May 11, during graduation weekend.

            These two organizations, along with the National Pan-Hellenic Council, sponsor “Graduation Weekend in Color”, a celebration of the Black students who are graduating.

“Anytime a student of color or someone from a marginalized population graduates, it’s a big deal”, Gould said.

The weekend activities celebrates the accomplishments of the graduates, commends the work of the alumni, and organizers say they hope it will motivate lowerclassmen to keep going toward graduation and beyond.

The “Graduation Weekend in Color” events include a stroll bounce skating party with a 90’s theme and a “Drip Gala”. Representatives from the Divine Nine fraternity and sorority organizations will be in attendance. 

“When you go to a regular gala, you have to do a lot of code switching. This is something that’s more for us, come as you are and drip how you want to,” Gould added.

These three individuals also shed some light on plans for the next school year. Stanley Wagner, who is running for BSU president, says his plans are to interest more incoming freshman in the organization and to make sure black students on campus are aware of BSU, and to market it better.

Outgoing President Davis says she has no doubt Wagner will be an exceptional president next year. “My expectations are set very high. I trained him up well,” she said jokingly, adding that Wagner, as treasurer, assisted her with anything she needed help with.

For more information about these coming events, you can go to the BSU social media accounts or speak to a BSU representative.

To learn more about the insights from Davis, Wagner, and Gould, listen to the podcast


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