Copyright Lecture Educates CSU Faculty on Usage

By Brian Doering

Feb. 4th, 2019

Faculty members received valuable information and tools to make smart sustainable decisions at home, work and in their community regarding the use of copyrighted materials during a presentation Thursday, Jan. 24 at Cleveland State University.

The event allowed provided people the opportunity to study recent legal cases involving the use of copyrighted materials. Attendees learned about the exclusive rights and limitation of copyright holders.

Amanda Goodsett, performing arts and humanities librarian, provided the audience with an overview of what copyright is and why it matters. Faculty members conversed with each other on copyright exceptions like fair use, a way end users can utilize copyrighted work with or without the copyright holders permission. This enables distribution of copyrighted work with creative commons licensing. 
“The purpose of the workshop is to give faculty information about the basics of copyright,” said Goodsett. “We want people to use copyright materials responsibly in the workplace and protect their own intellectual property more effectively.”
This year the workshop showcased topics playing a huge role in what is allowed in classrooms and how researchers reference one another’s work in higher education. The fair use doctrine was the main topic of discussion when dealing with limited use of copyrighted material. 
“Copyright is a very tricky to understand because it involves a lot of rules and special circumstances,” said Goodsett, “but we all make many decisions about copyrighted material every day, in most cases we can do so without a lot of careful calculation, but once people understand the basics of copyright and have a strategy for addressing copyright questions then it is not so daunting.”

The Center for Faculty Excellence, which is the creator for these workshops, was well represented at the event. All workshops are open to the public and take place inside the connection lounge on the first floor of the Michael Schwartz Library.

For more information, contact the Center for Faculty Excellence at (216)-687-5509.


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