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A look inside a study carrel on the fourth floor of the library.

Dec. 10, 2018

Student requests create study carrel waitlist

The semester of fall 2018 marks the first time the rentable study carrels in Rhodes Tower have ever had a wait list, according to Facility Coordinator Kenneth Heiss.

There are 78 carrels available for rent on the second and fourth floors of Rhodes Tower. They are available to rent in six and 12-month periods for a rate of $50 for six months.

Like the free study carrels on the third floor, they each come with a desk, outlets and connections with adjustable vents to the HVAC system. However, the study carrels for rent are individual rooms along the wall, some of which have windows. The free carrels are centered in the middle of the floor plan in a grid like a cubicle, the tops of which have a clear ‘bubble top’ ceiling.

Despite the amenities, they are not to be used as offices and the user contract sent to accepted applicants explicitly prohibits that use.

Heiss said professors once used these carrels as remote research spaces as an alternative to carrying large stacks of books to and from their own offices. However, faculty registration for carrels is down.
Undergraduate students were not able to rent the study carrels until July 2018. Heiss said undergrads have filled the approximate 30 carrels that would normally be empty. Currently 22 people are on the waitlist for the study carrels, the majority of which are undergrads.

Students who want a carrel must act early because the majority of the people on the waiting list applied after Aug. 31.

Enrollment to undergraduate students originally launched fall 2017 before being abruptly halted by Cleveland State’s legal department. Barbara Gauthier, fiscal officer, explained the board of trustees must approve any new charges applied to the undergraduate students and wait until the fiscal year starts in July.

Heiss said as a response the undergraduates who had already been placed into carrels in the fall 2017 were allowed to renew the following spring free of charge.

Only 70 were available for rent in fall 2018, and the remaining eight should be fully renovated and available for rent in the spring.

Heiss said he is unsure of what the following semester will bring. While the additional eight carrels will help meet some of the demand, he wonders if some on the waitlist will fall off or if the list will grow because of word of mouth.


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