Students learn to manage stress at Lunch & Learn


By: Will Gorka

Dec. 10th, 2018

Students learned ways to manage their stress with finals week right around the corner during the Lunch & Learn: Stress Management event Thursday, Nov. 29 held in the Pratt Center in Rhodes Tower.
Student navigators Courtney Mayle and Melissa Hickox led the event.

Every student in attendance took a stress test to gauge whether they needed to look more into ways to deal with their stress. It was a packed house with every seat filled as the students listened to everything Mayle and Hickox had to say.

“We’re doing more than just giving info,” Mayle said. “We are providing applications to what the students are learning.”

“We bring students together in a multicultural environment to help get them through the tough times at school and learn in ways that they might not have thought of on their own,” Hickox said. “I really believe what we’re doing here is making a difference.”

Cleveland State senior Anthony Schmook has been using these events to his advantage his entire collegiate career.

“It is so important to use resources like this to your advantage when the school provides them,” Schmook said. “Especially when it comes to stress since it affects so many of us.”

Students received a sheet to help them balance out their recommended number of hours for studying, working, socializing and exercising to maintain a healthy life style. They also participated in an activity to see how they respond when placed in stressful situations, showing them how they have dealt with stress in the past and ways they can improve those past experiences.

Mayle and Hicox also walked through a list of tips provided to students on how to handle different types of stress as well as all the signs, symptoms and reactions associated with stress. The Lunch & Learns are done for this year but will return to the Pratt Center in the spring semester.


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