WCSB prepares for annual radiothon with t-shirt contest

By Anna Toth

Oct. 29 2018

WCSB received 20 design submissions from Cleveland State University students and members of the Greater Cleveland community during its annual radiothon t-shirt design contest, ending on Thursday, Oct. 18.

The radio station will turn the winning design into a t-shirt offered as a premium during the annual Radiothon, taking place Nov. 3-10 this year.  

“Anyone is welcome to submit and really the only requirements is that it says WCSB 89.3 FM on the design somewhere, somehow.” Said Dan Lenhart, faculty advisor to WCSB.“What it looks like as far as the design is really up to the person.”

The station will announce the winner soon, and the artist will receive $89.03. All submissions become the property of the radio station and may become merchandise later down the road.

WCSB creates the t-shirt as a gift for donors during the annual radiothon, which helps with its yearly fundraising effort. During the radiothon, all station efforts will go toward encouraging people to donate.

Money given to the radio station by Cleveland State goes directly toward funding executive board members’ scholarships and the station’s professional engineer.

“The university support is scholarships, supporting the engineer, and keeping the lights on. Everything else is paid for by our generous donors,” Lenhart said.

For many students at Cleveland State, the station is their only opportunity to become involved in broadcast and have an audience.

“I think it's given me some skills that will definitely help me in my career,” said Jack Henry, a junior at Cleveland State and development director at WCSB. “It gives me more professional experience in the artistic spectrum, which I really like.”

General Manager Helen von Schneider became involved as an undergraduate student. Now a first-year graduate student, she has returned to the station.  

“I was involved in 1989 and 90 when I was an undergraduate here, and I got involved because it meant so much to me back then,” said Schneider.

Dan Lenhart calls students the blood of the radio station. Without the students’ involvement and participation, the radio station wouldn’t be able to run or connect with so many people.

“We always want students to get involved,” Lenhart said. “They are our life blood. Maybe you don’t want to necessarily have a radio show, but maybe you want to get involved in promotions or fundraising, so maybe you can help us that way.”

WCSB’s effort goes toward promoting and encouraging people to donate. This year is the station’s 35th radiothon with a goal of $60,000. The station achieved its goal for the first time ever last year, raising a total of $51,000.

“One of our big goals this year is upgrading our website,” Lenhart said. “We need a better web presence, there's some things that we want to do with our website that cost money.”

People who donate through the WCSB website during the radiothon will receive a t-shirt, among other premiums. T-shirts will either be sent, or can be picked up at the WCSB open house on Nov. 16 and 18. Lenhart encourages all who can to get involved, either by working with the radio station when they're a student or through donations.

“I would say most if not all that is donated goes right back into things that benefit the listeners,” Lenhart said. “Whether if it's new equipment, a better website or better listening experience, or new music to add to our library. It all goes back into our listeners.”


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