'Short. Sweet. Film Fest' held in Cleveland

By Katie Hobbins

Feb. 26, 2018

Attendees can mingle with a slew of filmmakers including David Kuznicki and Obadiah Baker at the seventh annual Short. Sweet. Film Festival in the Alex Theater at the Metropolitan at The 9 from March 2-4.

The Festival’s creator and Cleveland State University Film professor Michael Suglio strives to showcase local, national and international short films, according to the festivals website.

Suglio acknowledged the difficulty of showing short films in an industry where commercial feature-length films reign king, and decided to create an entire festival for short films in 2012.

Now, seven years later, organizers are striving to focus on films under 30 minutes long that highlight the art scene in Cleveland while also spotlighting works from student filmmakers throughout the U.S.   

For this year's festival alone, Suglio received 445 submissions from about 10 different countries, according to an article in Cleveland Scene on Feb. 13.

Out of that record number, 110 films will be shown over the three-day fest.

The first day will be devoted to local films.

Films include "Rekindled" by Cleveland native Erin Brown Thomas, who's film will close the show featuring a story about a career woman named Kate, who after suffering several failed relationships, is given the chance to "rekindle" some romance with her high school boyfriend.

Doors open at 11 a.m. on the second day for a local films matinee, including a 90-minute block of Cleveland State films.

Other films showcased on the second day include "Last Call Lenny" by Jamie Thalman, about an antique-admiring executioner customizing suicide assistance for his one-time customers in his used furniture store—among many others under the aforementioned time restraint—some only spanning three minutes.

The last day of the event concludes on Sunday with a full program of international films, including the film “I Have To Kill My Professor,” about the increasing pressure of a difficult college course resulting in one student’s anxiety-fueled plot to murder his professor.

With tickets priced from $25-$100, there will be a full bar along with concession stands that will serve food and beverages will be available.

Friday and Saturday night will feature Nate Jones and Jessica Shetler along with music videos on screen, and question and answer sessions with filmmakers such as John Ondo taking place throughout the three-day film extravaganza.



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