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Cast members from MTV's "Wild 'N Out" battled other teams by using witty rhymes. The goal being to hear more laughter from the audience members.


Dec. 11, 2017

‘Wild ‘N Out’ blends hip-hop and comedy at CSU’s Wolstein Center

No one at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center was safe from the scathing jokes and raunchy rhymes of Nick Cannon and his "Wild 'N Out Live! "crew on Saturday, Nov. 25.

The event was part of a comedy tour that brought "Wild 'N Out," a hip-hop comedy improv MTV gameshow hosted and created by Cannon, to cities like Chicago, Houston and now Cleveland.

The event featured hip-hop performances, stand-up comedy acts and freestyle rapping games from "Wild 'N Out" cast members.

Cannon claimed the packed event was sold out but Wolstein Center personnel indicated that there were actually some seats left.

Crass jokes about race, class, sex and gender relations were constant topics of the "Wild 'N Out" cast and everyone in the audience was fair game.

Of the objectionable jokes, of which there were no shortage, the most shocking, laughter inducing joke occurred during the "family reunion" segment of the show.

In this "Wild 'N Out" segment, the cast brought volunteers on stage from the audience and introduced them as family members in humorous rhymes.

"This is my cousin, she's so fine as you can see...," cast member Rip Michaels sang as he danced with the African-American woman he was introducing.

"But fellas don't be fooled, I think she's really wearing a wig", Michaels continued before he snatched the girl's wig from her head and bolted into the audience. While doing so he swung the wig around tauntingly while the lady covered her hair as her face filled with horror and embarrassment. Cannon continued the laughter-inducing joke by narrating Michaels' travels with the wig. "The wig is going on tour!" Cannon yelled.

The audience members weren’t the only ones to be the butts of such scandalous jokes. At several times in the show the security guards were also targets of attention.

"The white folks got it, they took care of it," Cannon mocked in an especially pronounced voice as security guards stepped in to break up a fight that drew attention in the audience

. At another time in the show Michaels criticized a security guard for guiding an excited audience member away from the stage.

"We know you voted for Trump," Michaels said which caused a resounding "ohh" from the audience.

The comedians also took shots at each other. Cannon himself was the source of a many heavy hitting jokes, including one joke targeting the turban Cannon wore and his relatively unsuccessful musical career.

"I think you wrap you're head like a terrorist cause you finally want your music to blow up", quipped "Wild 'N Out" cast member, Conceited, in a rap battle against Cannon.

"Wild 'N Out Live!" also sprinkled the audience with live hip-hop performances for huge hip-hop musical artists. Big time Hip-hop artists Waka Flocka Flame, Doe Boy and Yo Gotti were the featured musical artists who were met with mass cheering and excitement. Many of their performances, however, appeared to be just as unrehearsed as the freestyle performers...for better or for worse.

In Waka Flocka Flame's performance of his hit song "Grove St. Party," he jumped off the stage and performed while moving through the highly condensed, lively audience below for nearly the entire the song.

Nearing the end of the event, Cannon announced that Yo Gotti was running late due to a "fender bender," which sparked a series of chaotic impromptu performances where all of the cast and performers danced around and sang on stage until he arrived about 15 minutes later.

By this time however, many were already leaving.

Throughout the musical performances, a line of girls constantly swayed around and danced on stage in a seemingly direction-less manner.

Despite a few setbacks and organizational issues, the audience seemed to be thoroughly entertained and engaged throughout most of the show.


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