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The design exhibition took place on Dec. 1 in the graphic desgin department in the Middough building at Clevleand State University's Arts Campus.


Dec. 11, 2017

Annual graphic art exhibition responds to hate speech

An anti-LGBTQ flier that was found on campus this fall shifted the focus of the second annual America’s Institute For Graphic Arts exhibition, which showcased the work of Cleveland State’s design students.

The show, which took place on Dec. 1, in the Middough Arts Building, showcased students work for their updated theme, “Love Is.”

“[At first] we chose Self Love,” said Miquel Bono, senior design student and president of AIGA. The show was called “Beneath the Surface” but then with the events with the flier someone mentioned to change it.”

Bono said that all of the members of AIGA voted to change the theme and then moved the show to a later date. The members of the organization all decided on the theme “Love is” and that students could interpret it in their own ways.

“Pretty much everyone could just describe what love is to them,” Bono said. “It’s open. They can say whatever they feel.”

A total of 10 students submitted their work for the “Love Is” theme, which let them interpret the phrase in their own way through graphic design and digital art. One of these students, Alyssa Miller, a senior, designed a poster focusing on female empowerment. She created her poster design mainly with typefaces and shades of pink.

“I wanted to make sure to cover that love is acceptance, and one thing that I think the representation of love is lacking is girl love and mutual love between women, and I wanted to put an emphasis on that,” Miller said.

Along with the show’s themed artwork, the exhibition also had students’ class work on display from the fall semester, including book cover projects, web page designs and advertorial campaigns they had created for different courses.  


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