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Tim Long and Ben Rogers of the Office of Performance Management moderate the forum discussing the parking partnership and how it affects students and faculty.


Oct. 30, 2017

Parking forum addresses potential changes

A parking town hall forum in the Fenn Tower ballroom Oct. 19 addressed the new strategic partnership program and how it affects the students and faculty of Cleveland State University. Ben Rodgers and Tim Long from the Office of Performance Management moderated the forum that approximately 30 people attended.

Rodgers talked about some of the pros and cons of the new partnership.

“When it comes to a project like this there are different sides to look at,” Rodgers said. “While we are shifting the risk and liability from Cleveland State, there comes some things that may be considered a con, such as an annual rate increase in parking.”

The duo also provided a timeline for instituting the partnership. The university completed the requests for qualifications in 2015 and established the deal parameters in September 2017. The university will evaluate and reach a decision about the program between March and June next spring. The financial agreement should be completed in summer 2018 and they expect the program to be operational in fall 2018.

With a timeline already in place, the main purpose of the forum was to receive feedback and try to give people a better understanding of what the parking partnership means.

One concern was that because there will be an annual increase, where will the funds go. Long explained that an endowment fund will be created to produce an additional revenue stream.

“There will be annual distribution amounts that will be used to fund other things at Cleveland State,” Long said. “We are still determining the amounts, but some of the things they will be used for are campus infrastructure, academic programming and student programming.”

The partnership at Cleveland State would try to replicate some of the procedures that occurred when the Ohio State University established a similar program, which includes retaining some of the former employees and having them oversee the operations.

The Office of Performance Management plans on having more meetings in the future so that more people will be aware of the change.


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