Oct. 30, 2017

Offensive posters put CSU in national spotlight

After the discovery of anti-LGBTQ fliers which appeared around Cleveland State’s campus on Thursday, Oct. 12, responses from administration and the student body raise the question of free speech versus hate speech on campus.

The flier, seen on Main Classroom’s second floor innerlink bulletin board and in Rhode’s Tower, had two pieces of paper stapled with different illustrations promoting a white supremacist ideology and anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

The front page illustrated two people reading, “We exist,” following another flier underneath with the image of a person being hanged, including statistics about LGBTQ individuals having more likelihood to commit suicide — underneath read, “Follow Your Fellow F******.”

A number of students and faculty reported the fliers, took photos of them and posted them on social media.
Karianne Stanton, a Cleveland State senior and member of the Queer Student Alliance, was one of the first students to see these fliers.

“The way it was structured is the top one was the picture of the couple — a very white supremacist, heteronormative poster,” Stanton said. “Even if it wasn’t directly stated, it was structured in a way that was meant to target a group.”

According to the Posting Policy put together by Conference Services, all fliers need to be submitted for approval. The policy states that approval does not reflect University endorsement.

Members of the Queer Student Alliance filed a report with the Office of Institutional Equity. A faculty member reported the incident and Campus Police removed the posters the same day because it didn’t have the university print shop’s approval.


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